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The Sacred Ishkibibble of The Great God Mota

Many Peoples have desired to know the TRUE TRUTH through prayer and revaluation. They have searched through libraries and have consulted GURUs, wise men, wiser women, and prophets. This is now completely un-necessary. Now you can be blessed through study of the definitive edition of the Good Works of the Lord Roscoe. Now through the working of modern technical essence and phylogeny, the Good Works of the Lord Roscoe can be known to the general religious public as the ISHKIBIBBLE.

The ISHKIBIBBLE is Hoogly Scripture, consisting of the Hoogly Works written to EXPOUND and EXPLAIN the religion of the LORD ROSCOE, the GREAT GOD MOTA and his Mother Elucelom and his Grandmother Nortcele, and Poopy Panda and the spirit of ASHLOZMO, and the Little Lord Joozis. These are the GODS:

Poopy Panda and LORD ROSCOE
The spirit of ASHLOZMO
The Little Lord Joozis

The chief GOD is MOTA, who made the universe with his BIG BANG MACHINE when he was bored. Of course he needed the help and encouragement of the his Mother Elucelom as well as some of the recipes of his Grand Mother Nortcele.

LORD ROSCOE who sits at the right hand of MOTA is His Pet Hamster, who was sent 3 times to be an expiation of SIN so all could SEE. Lord Roscoe is the patron of Financial Blessings as our witnesses will testify to.

POOPY PANDA is the chief spokes person for MOTA and is his STUFFED TOY. Poopy Panda is the patron to all Stuffed Animals, and has blessed stuffed Cabbage, Veal Cordon Blue etc.

The spirit of ASHLOZMO was created after the Big Bang cooled to hold things together. All inspiration and perspiration is of ASHLOZMO. ASHLOZMO is the patron of all casseroles an other foods that resemble the structure of space such a the Dirac Stew.

THE LITTLE LORD JOOZIS is the personal icon of all those that say Jeez. For they are intoning the first word of "Jeez fer Joozis", which is the society, made of Rosconians in Training that go out into the world to collect money to hel Mota fill the Quota. For Joozis was found in a little boat filled with dollar bills, Papishkies, and investment instruments.

NOTE: This is subject to change because a Prophet or Pegunkin may receive an E-mail or FAX from Poopy Panda. After concideration by our Panel of Prophets, a Hoogly Addition may be made onto the ISHKIBIBBLE .

These are the books of the ISHKIBIBBLE:

The Old testament:

In the Beginning
A Little Bit Later
The Book of Blipsky
The Book of Mudka (Exodink)
The Book of Levy Tevy Kus

The Middle testament:

Mishigas 1
Mishigas 2
Mishigas 3
Mishugina 1
Peddidle 1
Peddidle 2
Peddidle 3

The New testament:

The Acts of the Prophets
The Gungle according to Mervyn
The Gungle according to Jonathan
The Bissle of Peddidle to the Bugaloos
The Bissle of Peddidle to the Thethalooninas
The Bissle of Peddidle to the Rombanians
The Revelation of Peddidle

The Book of Fables

The Old Man and his Hamster
The Young Man and his Turtle
The Middle aged Woman and her Cat

The Letters
Lambergini Dolphino
Creation Research
Family Radio

The Missionaries
The Advertisements


Beware of the EVIL SNERD #$% and do NOT come under his evil influence. And remember, think of Poopy Panda and his lovable growly voice saying, "Poop poop poopy." And the Spirit of ASHLOZMO who resides in all things as a cloud of Yelm be with you, PEGUNKINs, who are the Mass of Believers in the Lord Roscoe.

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If you have received inspiration from one of the Gods, or have received an E-mail or FAX from Poopy Panda or have some neat pictures of your Hamster that you think is an INCARNATION of the LORD ROSCOE, please write to Moishe Hablivilah, our Missionary.