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Leonardo Maggiorno
Moose Memorial Hall
Box 195
Los Altos CA 94023
May 7 1996

Harold Camping
Family Radio
Oakland CA 94621
May 7 1996

Dear Mr Camping,

I got a copy of the "Does GOD Love You"? tract from one of your followers. In this tract you use the word "Hell" a number of times (at least 13 times). Could you please tell me what is "Hell" and possibly where is this place? I have been to Hell, on Grand Cayman Island, which is an interesting weathered corral formation. I have also been to Bumpass Hell which is on the slopes of Mount Lassen, a dormant volcano in northern California.

In both of these places I saw a number of people, who did not seem to be in any particular torment, either temporary or eternal.

The word Hell originates as the name of the Norse goddess of the underworld. It has no particular religious significance to the Jewish or Christian religion unless your particular religion gives honor to Norse mythology. This word is a manifestation of your particular English translation, you are incorrect is stating that any place is called "Hell" in the Bible.

If you can find a location of this place, you (and not the Bible) call Hell, then please send me a map or directions on how to visit it. As I have said, I have already been to two places with this name and have not found them to be as you describe in your tract.

You also refer to the lake of fire. By fire do you mean lava? I have seen this lake of fire at the Kiluea Volcano in Hawaii. I didn't see any angels throwing people into this lake. In fact there were signs warning people not to get too close!

I am also curious as to your theories of Geology and Astronomy as well as Physics. They seem to be stranded in a peculiar pre scientific mind set.

First of all it impossible for a fire to consume the foundations of the mountains. The mountains are primarily made from minerals that are completely oxidized, unless you are referring to some old coal mines that are burning in Ohio. There aren't any mountains in Ohio!

You also seem to believe that the Heavens are very close and are very noisy. I suppose that a pre-scientific person would interpret a thunder clap as being produced from Heaven, but this is only because he is ignorant of the fact that atmospheric phenomena are relatively close and the heavenly bodies are REALLY FAR AWAY! Are you a pre-scientific person?

In I Thess 4:16-17 you mention people that are caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Are you repealing the law of gravity? Have you tried this act without an airplane or glider? Do you think that the Lord is in the clouds? Jesus is also mentioned as rising up into the air and disappearing in the "clouds of heaven". How far away do you think clouds are and have you compared this with the distance to the nearest star? Jesus apparently did not get too far away and he also has a problem with gravity.

So, Mr. Camping! You don't know much about mythology; you don't know much about Geography, Geology, Astronomy, Physics, and you expect your followers to send you money!

Sincerely Yours;


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