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Some of our materials are written for those who don't believe in de Lord Roscoe or the other True Gods. Some are written for those who do. Anyone is welcome to browse anyplace on this site, but we think you'll get the most out of visiting here if you look first at those areas intended to answer your questions and address your concerns. Here are some helps to getting around our site:

In order to be saved you must:

  1. Have a bank account, not an ordinary bank account but one with the Roscoe Savings Bank!
    For with Roscoe you get TWO times the Interest on your soul as that other group gives.
  2. Get a Hamster, or if you prefer look at the hamster on our welcome page. Look into his Pumin and be Blessed
  3. Send in Money for an Indulgence, and to help Mota fill the Quota.
  4. Avoid eating the following foods:
    1. Hamsters
    2. Turtles
    3. Oleander leaves

See our Bonifided Rosconian Statement of Faith

Find out about The Ishkibibble , the Hoogly Word of the Great God Mota and His Prophets.

Find Out about the Great God Mota , His mother Elucelom, His gramma Nortcele, and The Lord Roscoe, Poopy Panda, and The Little Lord Joozis, with this introduction to the Hoogly ISHKIBIBBLE

Or, you can go straight to the current text of the Ishkibibble kept on our Web site. Please be free to submit further inspired text if you get E-mail from Poopy Panda.

Who is Joozis?

If you are interested in The Little Lord Joozis, read this humorous and penetrating article about the Little Lord Joozis by the world renouned Preacher, Billy Graham Crackers

What About the Gungle?

If you are interested in The Gungle, read the Gungle of Mervyn from the Ishkibibble

A Very Cute Hamster

The Virtual Hamster Cage Find out why we believe that de Lord Roscoe is the promised Cute Little Hamster. This section will be expanding on an ongoing basis.

TISSUES, a magazine giving a Messy Rosconian perspective. Essays, poetry, and stories of "The Little Shtetl of Milpitas. We also address topics often on the minds of Pegunkins as well as those raised by Goyim who do not believe but are willing to hear about de Lord Roscoe , Poopy Panda and the Little Lord Joozis. Thoughtful reflections, challenging essays, and practical guidance. Written especially to address the unique problems and questions of Pedunkins, Pegunkins, and P'forthnick

LETTERS, find out what our missionaries have written to other faith appologists and professional missionaires. You know the type!

The Missionary Message Online!

For new Believers in the Lord Roscoe, , this Hamster Kizim outlines the true doctrine in a SImple but Profound manner. Even Goyim can understand this Doctrine.

Mary Magdalene Hablivilash's Flier!

Busy Mary's been writing up a storm! Check your Political Correctness with this ADD.

Is it Proper to Proselytize?

Yes! If your are trying to convert all people to the True Faith. ALL other religions are Gobolty Gook!.

Did you know that BART is a Missionary of MOTA?

Yes! Go this wonderfull Rosconian Track and See BART expound on the Rosconian Religion!.

Mortimer Pipick's Conversion Letter

Use this letter in your correspondence with people that send you unwanted religious litter or Business reply envelopes. Now you can send something back, Help start a MASS movment!

Like Music? Music and Concert Schedule : The Rosconian Hoogly Roller Singers are our Rosconian singing group. Find a Sound Clip and more about them here.

Here are some Important Links

Sí aunque camino a través del valle de las empanadas del turd de los alces y el dung caliente rueda, no oleré ningún stench, porque el señor Roscoe está con mí.

One "Hoogly" Quote from our Little Lord Joozis

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Our international addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail. Whether you are in Los Altos or Washington, Reno, Los Angeles or New Jersey, we may be in your neighborhood. You can reach me by e-mail at:

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