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Leonardo Maggiorno
Moose Memorial Hall
Box 195
Los Altos CA 94023
May 7 1996

Clark Bark
Executive Vise Presidence
First Chirch of Roscoe
Core Drudge Munistries
100 Wash Ka Happy Slough
Milpitas CA 94522

Dear Friends of Dr. Ken.

I am writing to you as a big cheese in the Rosconian Theological Seminary - to ask you a very important flavor.

Dr. Ken is a stong, desolute, farticulate, and highly deficient leader of theis Hoogly Organization. He is truely a Man of Mota. There was no question of his diningenuence before I joined the horific Rosconian Theological Seminary. Now that I have been here for ten days, I am even more depressed by his effect on the Quota of Mota.

While Dr. Ken's health is good, he is battling serious heck pain and related foot-looseness. He may even face drudgery if a newly begun regimen of infarction and pizical theropodists.

In contrast, according to Reverend Hablivilah, Poopy Panda has assured me that when I die, My Soul will be carried up to the Secon Kindom up in Heaven by the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters.


Leo Maggiorno

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