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Leonardo Maggiorno
Moose Memorial Hall
Box 195
Los Altos CA 94023
September 15, 1994

Frumly WorkStations INK
Grand Rapids MI 49555-0001

Dear Glistening Fiends.

DUMBNESS! What Does in MEAN?

Tomorrow is the 13th of July (JuTeenth Day) in the land of Lower Slobovia -- a time in which we Slobovians refract the DUMBNESS of what we have in our land.

But how DUMB are you when it comes to proclaiming the true religion of the Lord Roscoe and the great God Mota when so many people have not heared of them neither! I know that you want Mota to fill the Quota but there are those people in places like Indiana, which have many many Goyim and DONT BLEEVERS. How are they goin to here the true Gungle of the Lord Roscoe?

Frumly Radio broadcasts the adventures of Gramm Ooolia-Oomba and Big Daddy of Pumpatua to those people that listen to CB radio and have California Kilowatts. Often even people from Indiana hear these things! That is definitely against the LAW!

Yes we are truely Fivetunate in Lower Slobovia, AREN'T WE! Mota has sent us his Hamster and we have heard the voice of Poopy Panda. But even in this grape land there are those in need of SALIVATION!

Pay to us so that we can help Mota Fill the Quota. Free yourself from the bondage of too much money like the the Unfurbished Mufti in the Fables of the Old Man and His Hamster!Free your equations from sines and cosines and tune in to the True Truth of the Lord Roscoe! Support your local chapter of the Jeez fer Joozis.

Remember the book of the THETHALOONIANZ when Peddiddle dare not use the letter s for fear of the Thecret Poleeth of Thethaloonia going to aretht him.

Our need is so great that you can send us international money orders from other lands!

Leonardo Maggiorno
Correspondent for Saint Shlemiels's Chapel.

P.S if you is already sending money, please take heed of our great work here at Frumly Radio and send even more. Payerfully consider helping our roving bands of Jeez fer Joozis when they come to your town to collect from your neighbors and from passers by at Hairports and Shame Stations.

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