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November 1 1992

Ken Ham
Genesis Research Institute
10945 Woodside Ave North
Sante CA 92071

Dear Mr Australian Guy,

I heard your program on KEAR today. You must be living in a different place or possibly a different universe from me. Let me describe my planet and my universe.

I live on a planet called the Earth. My planet rotates on its axis once every 24 hours which is called a day. My planet is in orbit around a star called the Sun, which is 93 million miles away. Each orbit around the Sun takes approximately 365 days to complete. This time period is called a year. My planet has a satelite called the Moon which is about 250,000 miles away. The Moon revolves around the Earth in about 28 days, which time period is called a month. About 23 years ago men from the Earth traveled to the Moon and landed there, bringing back rocks and dust. The Moon is made from the same materials as the Earth. In our solar system there are 8 other planets and numerous planetary satellites called moons. Also there are numerous asteroids and meteors as well as dust and comets. Analysis of meteoric materials show that they too are made of the same basic ingedients as the Earth. Other stars are a minimum of 3.5 light years away. Analysis of the light produced by the stars shows that they are also made from the same elements that exist on the Earth. The Sun and at least 100 billion other stars form a lens shaped collection called the Milky Way Galaxy. There are millions of other galaxies. The closest major galaxy is called the Andromeda galaxy (M-31), which is very similar to the Milky Way.

In my universe the speed of light is a constant ( 186,384 Miles per second). The further away a galaxy is from the Milky Way, the faster it seems to be receeding from us. This apparent from the Red Shift of its light toward longer wave lenths. We have come to the conclusion that the Universe began about 15 billion years ago in what we call the Big Bang. This had also been predicted, before it was observed, by the General Theory of Relativity. The Big Bang is STILL VISIBLE as a 3 degrees Kelvin background radiation. Although it has cooled quite a bit, as observed from our vantage point, it still outshines (in its total radiation) all of the visible stars. The Earth is about 4.5 billion years old. This has been determined through analysis of radioactive elements and their decay products. In my universe it is impossible to predict the outcome of certain experiments concerning fundamental particles and waves. This is called the Hiesenberg uncertainity principal.

Genesis is the first book of the Torah, which was written down 2300 years ago by scholars working under the direction of Ezra (the scribe) and included as part of the Masoretic text. There were probably earlier versions that were edited and combined into its present form. These versions are still visible to the discerning scholar and to laymen with only minor help. One of your basic misconceptions is considering the Bible as an oracle in which words and sentences are taken out of context and twisted to any meaning the reader desires. The Bible must be interpreted in light of the authors background and cultural surroundings and in light of what the authors and editors desired to say.

In Genesis, the Sun and Moon and the stars are clearly attached to a solid expanse (Rakia) which, according to futher reading is identified with Heaven (Shamayim). The Sun, Moon and stars are attached to this solid expance. There is no understanding in Genesis that the sky is separated into the atmosphere, which is very close to the Earth, and emmense (but finite) space where there is no atmosphere. A cloud is as far away as the Hebrews could understand and the Sun and Moon were just beyond. They did not understand where the Sun and Moon went when they were not visible.

As naive as the biblical authors view of the universe, was their view of the origin of life. The authors of the Bible had no sense of time or place having only simple math and geometry, no microscopes, no telescopes, no computers, and no chemistry or physics. Life was identified with the word (nefesh) which derives from the word (Nefash - to blow) refering to the fact that living things breathe. There was no way to analyze the organic basis of living things. Hense the resort to fairy tales. There is no science and no mathematics in the Biblical creation story.

Today in the era of the human genome project, we know differently. Life is still not fully understood, but we are getting closer to full understanding every day. You have no chance of overthrowing evolution! Genetics demands evolution! What is the use of millions of genes and an elaborate re-combination procedure called Sex in insuring variations of genomes and propagation of sucessful genotypes? Why is it that the Chimpanzee shares 96% of all its genes with humans? You must keep your head in the sand! Read the book (The Selfish Gene).

You are very stupid to ignore the clear evidence that GOD has given us in the BOOK of the Universe. We live in the 20th century. We have a lot more understanding of the Universe than the writers of the Bible (especially Genesis). Your motives must be primarilly involved in extracting money from gullible fundamentalists.

Enclosed is the True story of the Beginning as revealed unto me.


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