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The Prophet Mishugina in Babylon

Chapter 1

1) Now the word of Poopy Panda came upon Mishugina as he was up to his pipick working in the Babylonian rice paddies by the City of Babylon.

2) And Poopy Panda spake saying, " Arise up son of slimey mud, PEDUNKIN or is it, PEGUNKIN, and go up unto Babylon for Bo Diddly is singing the word of the Lord Roscoe there.

3) And so Mishugina went up unto Babylon and saw Joe Watanabe and the people hanging out wash in the hanging gardens out in the Ziggarrats.

4) And they asked Mishugina if he wanted a Ziggar and he said, " No zanks for I don't Zmoke, and I have not figuered out what is a Ziggarrat or for that matter What is a Watanabe."

5) And then Mishugina came upon the Rock Concert where Bo Diddly was singing. And the mass of the people kept timg with the music by banging on Rocks. And some of the rocks were Igneous and somer of the Rocks were Sedementary and some of the rocks were metamorphic, but most of the rocks were Heads, whach gave the masses a big headache.

6) and so Mishugina passed out headache remedies with pure waters of New York Seltzer and charged all of the masses many Papishkies for the support of the Prophets and for the greater gloryosky of Mota and for Roscoe's new cage.

7) And Mishugina preached unto the masses concerning the True Truth of the Lord Roscoe and Poopy Panda. And Mishugina spake saying, "Be ye Blipsky and taken In for the Lord Roscoe is the LORD ROSCOE". And Mishugina used a Laser light show and a Fuzzy Controller powered by an ARM micro-processor and some big Mother Elucelom FET Amplifiers.

8) Then along came the secret police of Saddam who wanted to arrest Mishugina for preaching without a Bath permit for Mishugina was still muddy from the rice paddies.

9) Now Mishugina was neither a rightist deviationist nor a leftist deviationist and would have none of this frivolous baloney.

10) And so Mishugina said to the Secret Police, " I have protection of the Great God Mota the Hoogly and I also have BIG GUNs and many Missles and I will show you my TOW."

11) And so, the Secret Police were sore afraid and mumbled many mumblings to each other. And they said, " OK we will let you go this time , but don't DIS us, nether is public or in private, except it be secret"

12) And so Mishugina did DIStribute many gifts to the secret police for they were on the take. And the Corporal gave gifts to the Sargent and the Sargent gave gifts to the Lieutennant and the Lieutennant gave gifts to the Major and the Major gave gifts to the Colonel and the Colonel gave gifts to the General and the General gave gifts to the Big Boss.

Chapter 2

1) Now Saddam was an Evil man and wanted some gifts for himself for he had heard that Mishugina was giving many gifts and Wheaties Box Tops. So he asked the Big Boss (his son in law) what kinds of gifts this here Mishugina was giving.

2) Now all of these gifts were in sealed gayly wraped boxes with the Mark of the Lord Roscoe upon them. And none of the secret police had the key that woould unwrap them. And they came upon Mishugina as he was preaching to the masses and took him away saying, " Ye shall stay in Jail until ye give us the key to the Gifts."

3) And Mishugina prayed mightily unto Poopy Panda , Lord Roscoe, and the the great God Mota and his Mother Elucelom, asking for a sign. And then in flash of light appear an apparition of the Lord Roscoe clothed in Golden Light and Tickly Wiskers.

4) And Lord Roscoe said, "Hey Mishugina, where art thou suchly incarcerated?" An Mishugina told him all that had transpired.

5) Then Roscoe spake saying, " Its just like ild Poopy to get His prophets in trouble and Roscoe made one his aromatic Poopsies and disappeared into a flash of smoke "

6) And then Mishugina took that aromatic poopsies and spake unto the guards saying, " Here is the key that will unlock al of those gayly wrapped Gifts."

7) And the guard took the aromatic Poopsy and placed it on the Gift and the Gift mysteriously opened up. And then the aromatic poopsy disappeared into a puff of purple smoke.

8) And in the Gift was another aromatic Poopsy 9) And so all of the Gifts were opened save the one given to Saddam. And the last aromatic Poopsy was placed on his Gift and Saddam disappeared into a puff of Yellow Smoke.

10) And all of the people of Babylon rejoiced and celebrated the disappearence of the Evil Saddam into the Yellow Smoke, showing Kurds the Way.

11) And Mishugina was given a Tickle Tape Parade through the city and many people converted to the true religion of the Great God Mota and the Lord Roscoe that day.

12) And Mishugina left Babylon and went to the land of Egypt by means of the Flying Cammel.

The Prophet Mishugina in Egypt

Chapter 3

1) Now Mishugina went down to Egypts land to meet with the many Pegunkins there. And he preached many preachments concerning the Lord Roscoe and the Great God Mota.

2) And Gammal the Nasty heard of Mishugina and asked his henchmen to arrest Mishugina and put him in prison, but as the henchmen approached Mishugina prayed mightily to Roscoe and a dollop of Green Pee fell from Heaven and Hit the Henchmen.

3) So the head of the henchmen reported to Gammal the Nasty and spake saying, " This here Mishugina is protected by the Green Pee of the Lord Roscoe and we durst not approch him."

4) Then Gammal the Nasty hatch a mean plan. "Go ye unto Mishugina and pretend to be true converts of Mota and the Lord Roscoe and when the time is ripe bring him to me"

5) And so the henchmen of Gammal the Nasty pretended to be true converts of Mota etc. and brought him forth through false and untrue statements unto the place where Gammal the Nasty was waiting.

6) And seeing Gammal the Nasty, Mishugina spake saying, " Wherefore ye hast received much from Nikita of Kruschev and has not given unto the true Pegunkins of Mota and of the true Temple of Mota which is by the Wash-ka-happy River?"

7) And Gammal the Nasty replied saying, " I am the Big Kahuna is Egypt and all tribute goes to Me. For Nikita the Fat seeks to buy my love and true devotion,."

8) And Mishugina said unto Gammal the Nasty, " If ye be stifnecked and pay not thine Tithe or thine Tooth unto the True Temple of Mota or the Society of Roscoe or the Jeez fer Joozis Inc., Woe be unto you for the Israelis have thine number."

9) But Gammal the Nasty was not to be thusly influenced and Mishugina was thrown into the Dungeon with Crockodiles and Turtles.

10) But the Crockodiles and Turtles were true followers of the Prophet Peddidle and harmed Mishugina not.

11) And so the next day the henchmen of Gammal the Nasty came to see if Mishgas had been eaten and Lo he was still there teaching unto the Crock and Turtles. And they spake saying, " How is this that Ye hast not been eaten by the Crocks and Turtles?"

12) And Mishgas prayed mightily to Roscoe and another dollop of Green Pee did fall from the Heavens and Mishugina walked out of that place while the henchmen were being eaten by the Crockodiles and Turtles.

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