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1) Now Mota after watching Godly Vision went to look at his new universe, and He asked Elucelom, " What shall I do with this messy New Universe?" And Elucelom answered, "Why not stir it until there are creatures able to Worship you. For what is the use of being a God without some creatures who know about it. And that is part of the Fun"

2) And so Mota set about stirring the universe. First he created thick spots in the hot gases and watched them condense into Galaxies. Some had big Black Holes that created massive amounts of energy. "Those Quasars will give my creatures something to think about later." He said.

3) "Why does this take so long?", exclaimed Mota to his mother. "You must be patient and wait for the Universe to cool down a bit.", reminded Elucelom, thinking of some pancakes she had made recently that blew up in the pan because they were made from antimatter , very pungent.

4) So Mota watched as the early stars in each Galaxy blew up and spewed forth dust and dreck. "Star dust is such a useful item and those water molecules are really cute", he said.

5) Gramma Norticele was visiting and Mota asked her to look at his new creation. " You are definitely making progress. The last thing you did was make that dreadful stuffed toy --Poopy Doopy or something"

6) " Poopy Panda!", corrected Mota. " And I definitely have plans for my stuffed toy and for my pet Hamster Roscoe too."

7) "What about all those other Hamsters here in the Second Kingdom?", asked Gramma. "I have use for them, also." Mota replied. " even though they are not as blessed as my Roscoe they will serve in the Heavenly Host of Hamster." He added.

8) Now the secondary stars began to form and they were exceeding dirty from all that star dust. Just what was needed for creatures to Worship Mota.

9) One star was the Sun. A G2 star in an arm of the Galaxy called the Milky Way. "What a unique name", thought Mota. "I bet no one else will think of it." It had a very dirty 3rd planet. "That will do for my little creatures!"

10) And tired after a good imaginary seconds work, he sat down with a drink and turned on the Godly Vision.

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