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From Contemporary Christians on Campus

Mr. Martin Sheller
Corroded Memorial Hall
Ah So Stanford University

Lambergini Dolphino
945 Old Tracy Road
Lost Altos Ca
November 1 1965

Thank you for writing Contemporary Christians on Campus.

We are a very small group of laymen working together in faith to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to college students. We are not sponsored by a church, and rely directly upon God for support and messages.

I myself am a physicist working at Stanford Research Institute. I became a Christian just three years ago after a very long search among the world religions and following several years in psychoanalysis My life has been completely changed since I asked Jesus Christ into my life, and I am glad for the daily fresh, new discovery of His love. In a world with so many wrong answers I em glad that faith in Jesus Christ consistently satisfies.

It would be a great pleasure to write to you, or to meet with you in person. I am glad to express my views on any subject and to keep correspondence confidential of course. Should you wish to call my home phone is 948-2033 and at work, 526-6200, Ext. 2050. I am unmarried, and not home too often, so usually it is easier to reach me at work. Otherwise we can write and get acquainted by mail. Thank you for your interest. I am enclosing a letter used by Campus Crusade for Christ which you may not have seen. It explains the Christian faith and its starting point quite thoroughly. I don't know where you are along the road of faith, but this letter is well written and helpful even for older Christians.

sincerely, your brother in Christ,

Lambergini Dolphino

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