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To Contemporary Christians on Campus

Martin Sheller
Impressionable Student

Lambergini Dolphino
945 Old Trace Road
Palo Alto Ca
November 10 1965
Mr. Martin Sheller
Corroded Memorial Hall
Ah So Stanford University
Dear Mr Dolphino,

Thank you for answering my letter to your organization. I was interested in your viewpoints on life as shown in your adds in the Stanford Daily.

I too have been searching for the answers to the great questions and problems of life. I investigated the wolds great religions, but after concidering them all, I couldn't take any as superious to all the others in all respects. I examined psycho-analysis in the light of know facts and saw many loopholes in even its treatment of the workings of the mind, not to mention that it offers no explaination for the existence of the world. I fould myself drifting ever closer to Christianity and its claim of salvation through grace.

About two months ago, when I was about to make my commitment to Christ, I discovered a small group in my area which was making new contributions to religion. This new religion also claimed to have the method of receiving God's grace. The name of this new religion is the Rosconian Fellowship and is led by the reverend Martin Bublichky. This Reverend Bublichky has set up a Temple to Roscoe at 19 Union Street, New Brunswick, NJ. Reverend Bublichky claims that Roscoe has died not once, but three times already for our sins. He said that Roscoe is at the right hand of Mota (the great God) and is the embodyment of infinite love and sweetness. You may not believe this, but I have actually seen the Lord Roscoe in person and have been affected by his spirit. Rosoce has the power of drawing out all the love in people and to see him is to love him ( Roscoe is Not a human being).

While I have been deeply affected by this experience of seeing Roscoe, I have not yet become a convert because I wanted to find out if Roscoe is the living embodyment of Christ. If he is the living Christ, I shall surely become a member of the Rosconian Fellowship.

Can you find any explaination for this vision? I have have searched the Scripture but I am not sure -- Maybe you have more knowledge of the Scripture and can find an explaination.


Martin Sheller

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