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Have Faith in The Great God Mota

March 16, 1994
Pilgrim Tract Society
Box 126
Randleman NC 27317

Martin Sheller our Corespondent

Dear Brother Gehr in Christ (whoever he is),

I got a package of tracks from you the other day.

I hope that you don't really believe is this guy Jesus as a real God. If you did, I would say that you were a little bit off the wall.

You look old. That reminds me of the Fables of the Old Man and His Hamster who were very rightious and did wear the required 37 Purple Ropes as commanded by Poopy Panda. For Moozis was rightious,but when the Horriblecane did come to tear down his house the great Poopy Panda did send down 37 Purple Ropes to ward off the evil Horriblecane and that cause the evil Horriblecane to Pass Over his house and did preseve all the Hoogly writings therein heretofore.

I believe in the Lord Roscoe and the Great God Mota and in Poopy Panda and the spirit of ASHLOZMO. I have seen the Lord Roscoe in person and He has the Power of bringing out all the Love in a person. The High Priestist of the Lord Roscoe is the Reverend Bubkichky.

His Church is in New Jersey in the Town of New Brunswick. There, every Wednesday morning, at 1:00 O'Clock,they have a special service in honor of the Great God Mota who sent us the Lords Roscoes to be our saviours THREE TIMES so ALL COULD SEE!.

In this service, the POOPSIES are poured out into the BOILING BORSCHT, taking away all our SINS and a few of our COSINS.. THE Hoogly Roogler Chorus give a sprightly rendition of the favorite HYMNMNMNMs, Swing Low sweetie Hamster Cage and Do the Rightious Walk! The Chased Maidens run all over the place throwing flour and making muffins. Then we all partake of the Hoogly Pizza, which is remenicient of the Hoogly Snacks of the Prophets when they were encamped in New Jersey by the Ledge.

The Little Lord Joozis does stand up comedy and tells us of his travels down the Wash K'Happy River in Down Town Milpitas and his travels with Jonathan of Low Gan in his BMW.

You should turn from your EVIL ways and Believe in the Lord Roscoe. Belief in the Lord Roscoe is refreshingly smooth but flavorful. There is no MSG and no Down Righiousness among the true believers in the Lord Roscoe and every Thursday we hear the pronouncements of Poopy Panda read on the pulpit by the Reverend Bablushky and the Reverend Galooshky. They give many good sermons against down-rightiousness and against DONT-BELEEVERS like yourself.

Why not go down on your knees and search for your glasses and become a true believer in the TRUE GOD MOTA! And take heed of Poopy Panda and read the writings of the Prophet Peddiddle and Mishigas. They were real Prophets of Up-Rightiousnes who left many Hoogly works for us to read and study. Remember Philo of Alexandria, VA who invented Philo Dough? He was a true believer in the Lord Roscoe!

Sincerely Yours in Joozis name and in his mother Mavis, who makes really good knishes. Did you know the JOOZIS' father Zambini was a Plumber? That should make you thank the Lord Roscoe for Plumbing and in Saint John who invented the water closet, a real boon to mankind. In closing I will quote fron Hoogly Scripture. " Yea did I walk though the valley of the Moose Turd Patties and the Hot Dung Rolls and did smell no stench, for the Lord Roscoe was with me. For whosover believeth in the Lord Roscoe shall in no wise be cast out, but those that don't believe in the Lord Roscoe shall suffer in stench, Forever"

Martin Sheller

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