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To J. Vernon McGee

Leonardo Maggiorno
Moose Memorial Hall
Box 195
Los Altos CA 94023
Aug 30, 1994

To J. Vernon. McGee
Through the Bible Radio
Box 7100
Pasadena CA 91109

Dear Mr. O'Ryan

Thank you for answering my letter. I was hoping that Mr. J. Vernon McGee could read it. I was interested in his comments about Mr. Harold Camping's prediction for the second coming of Jesus on September 6th. You stated that there have been many prophets down through the ages who have predicted the second coming and all have been proved wrong. I expect that Mr. Camping's prediction is going to be wrong also. The second millennium is coming, which should excite many Christian believers into placing significance on the big round number 2000. In the dark ages there was much anticipation about the year 1000 which many people thought to be the time of Jesus' return. But of course it didn't happen!

Like Mr. Camping, many well meaning people have examined the Bible for clues and tried to match them with various time lines and external events, and all have been proven wrong. But Jesus said that many of you still living would see his second coming in 33 A.D. This leaves a window to about 100 A.D. when all of these witnesses were dead. Therefore I am forced to the conclusion that Jesus in NOT coming and that his specific promise was, if not an outright lie, wishful thinking on the part of the authors of the New Testament! If you made a prediction of an eclipse over and over again and it proved wrong, I would say that your theory was incorrect. This does not seem to be a problem with Christians, after all, the early Church insisted that the Earth was flat in contravention to Greek and Roman science and common sense! Judging from the way that they read the Bible, they still may think that the Earth is flat.

In contrast, according to Reverend Hablivilah, the Rosconans believe that the Great God Mota made the universe with his Big Bang Machine which is in accord with the latest findings of scientists. They also have the Hoogly Scriptures on a Computer Data Base for instant revision when New Revelations come down from Heaven. This is called Hoogly Revaluation. I have decided to join the Rosconian Religion because it is more consistent with reality than any other religion and offers 2 times more Salvation than Christianity. The Reverend Hablivilah has assured me that when I die, My Soul will be carried up to the Secon Kindom up in Heaven by the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters.


Leo Maggiorno

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