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To Mr. Robert G. Velarde

Leonardo Maggiorno
Moose Memorial Hall
Box 195
Los Altos CA 94023
September 15 1993

Mr. Robert G. Velarde
P.O. Box 500
San Juan Capistrano, Ca 92693-0500

Dear Mr Velarde,

Thank you for answering my letter of June 10th. I looked up your quotations in the Bible. (Matthew 24:24). "There shall arise false Christs etc." In chapter 24, Matthew discusses the end times (Eschatology again). I refer you to 24:29-30. Seriously, I don't think you believe that the stars are little Christmas tree bulbs attached to a black dome over an island Earth in the middle of a vast ocean? So how can they fall to the Earth if they are many light years away and larger than the Earth. Of course this passage was written by superstitious pre-scientific men. It doesn't reflect the real universe.

When are these "events" going to take place? Refer to Matthew 24:34. Hey! THAT generation has been dead for 1900 years! So your time table is a little bit late! If this was a scientific theory it would have been dropped like a hot potatoE.

Where is heaven? Is it as close as cumulus clouds? If you look at the Earth from the Moon it appears that we are in heaven.

I have several questions:

First - Do you actually believe in the "supernatural" and can you give concrete example of such from your own experiences. Do you believe in "Demons". How about Gremlins, Ghouls, Hob-Goblins, Witches, Warlocks, and Great Pumpkins.

Second - What are "Demons" made of. Are they made from normal matter or are they made from anti-matter? What produces the photons of their interaction with normal matter?

I am asking these questions because I have actually seen the Lord Roscoe in person. Not a vision, but real flesh and blood. Have YOU seen Jesus?

Rosconians believe in the latest theories of physics. They know that the Great God Mota made the universe in his Big Bang Machine. That is why I have joined the Ranch Rosconians and have started a branch right here in Silicon Valley.



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