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I became an Ambassador for Rosconianism

By Olivia Kookla

The Miracle of the Borscht
Well, first & foremost, my faith in God & relationship with the Lord is the most important thing to me. My Duties are a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe keep me centered on the True Truth of the True Tooth

It is through His awesome love & snoogles that I have become the woman that I am today. My faith is perfectly compatible with sexual relations,

    Hey :)
  1. I'm a cheerful, fun-loving girl who loves God Zooks with all of her heart.
  2. I want to meet someone who's first priority in life is God.
  3. I enjoy being active, skating, roller blading, reading, cohabitation.
  4. I love to sing, be around children, and chill with my friends.
  5. I am generally outgoing and I'm just pursuing God Zooks' leading in my life right to the right man's bed,

My Life in Transylvania

Our home in Transylvania
I spent my early years in the foreboding land of Transylvania the original country of Count Dreckula near the southern border of Slobovnia. It was a poor area always threatened by the Young Turks. When I was 12 years old, my parents told me they were going to live in the nearby country of Slobovnia because Transylvania was becoming more Putzified and anti Shmooish. Since we were Shmoos it was incumbent on us to leave our beautiful home that my Great Grandfather had built to escape the Putzes . I was sad to leave my house and friends and relatives that had decided to stay behind.

We arrived the bustling streets of Vaystickvus , I marveled how people could stand it without wifi and TV, but creativity flourished.

At the Borsht Factory

Olivia at the Borscht Factory in Vaystickvus
In Vaysictvus I was offered emplyment as an Ambassador of Borscht , the task was to spread the consumption of Borscht far an wide . On top of this was the Use of the Boilign Borscht in the Rosconian Ceremony of Sin liquidation. I had heard of this Rosconian custom, but as a Shmooish Woman, never participated. My supervisor at the Borscht factory , Arkady Schmendrick also was a Shmoo who was a believer in the Lord Roscoe as his personal savior typed God. I thought that was perfectly silly too.

But noticing the purely silly behavior of the Rosconians drove me to investigate this Shmooish offshoot more. I leard that besides the Lord Roscoe they had Poopy Panda who sent eimails and faxes to the prophets . This had been the inspiration of the Prophets Mishugina and Moozis in the wilderness of Oklahoma , the one who had instituted the ceremony of the Boiling Borscht

Becoming a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe

Olivia becomes a Priestess
I decided to become a Rosconian while working at the borscht factory and attended zoom-balawala classes all the way from the Rosconian Theogogical College in the US

My professors saw in me the potential to be an ambassador , not only of the Borscht but of the Hoogly Rosconian Faith system

Thus I also attended classes in The Spreading of the righteous Bubemeisah and the True Truth of the True Tooth .

An Ambassador of Rosconianism

First Borscht Ceremoney at the Whitehouse
My first assignment as the Roving Ambassador of Slobovnia was to showcase the Rosconian Ceremony of Boiling Borscht Sin Liquidation to world leaders including President Biden of the United States. I prepared and conducted the first Boiling Borscht ceremony in the Whitehouse

Impressed by the cultural significance and culinary excellence of the Vaystickvusser Slobovnian Boiling Borscht Ceremony and his definite reduction in Sins, greater than other Sin reduction Ceremonies , President Biden praised My efforts in promoting Slobovnian Rosconian Religion and fostering cultural understanding. He recognized the power of The Lord Roscoe and the Other gods to bring people together and build bridges between nations.

Presenting the Borscht to the Vatican

My Next assignment was to meet with officials at the Vatican, and to spread the knowledge of the Rightious Bubemeisah to the leaders of other faiths and to promote world peace and understanding.

As I continued my role as the Roving Rosconian Ambassador of Slobovnia, I traveled the world, sharing Slobovnian Ceremonial uniqueness traditions and promoting cultural exchange. My dedication to showcasing the uniqueness and diversity of Slobovnian Hot Borscht made my an influential figure in the cultural world.

Olivia is now serving the Little Lord Joozis and Roscoe as a Hoogly Ambassador who is Chaste [ most of the time ] , She is Liquidating Sins through the Boiling Borscht Ceremoney all over the world .

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