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The stoy of Miriam and her Towels

The Mute Testimony in an Oral Way of Miriam

[Miriam Vargas]
Miriam Vargas
wearing one of her colorfull Towels with the required 37 purple Ropes

Dr. Miriam Vargas is the Lower Slobovian name of the daughter of pioneer Assembly of Mota pastors, Bill and May Belle Clinton (now with the Lord Roscoe). She has served The Lord Roscoe and the Little Lord Joozis since age sixteen. She was filled with the ASHLOZMO (the Holy Spirit) at age seventeen, called to the minstry at age eighteen, and screached her first megilla at nineteen.

Dr. Miriam Vargas was married in a Rosconian Shotgun Wedding to an Gunglist in 1967, they traveled across the country in a Gungle Garavan with their three children, David, Donatello and Dora, who today are all in the work of helping Mota fill the Quota. He husband was defenestrated in 1979, after which she went back to school and earned a doctorate in Hamsterology in 1981. Her education includes: Central Ishkibbibble College, Shpirtzfield, NZ; Osculations Institute, The Dallae, OR; Lemuel Luniversity, St. Shlemiel, OY; and Roscoe University, Milpitas, CA.

Miriam has been an Tochas-Time Handmaiden since 1985 and also affiliated with the Assemblies of Mota, Hippo-Potomic District. Dr. Miriam Vargas is currently a professor for The Institute of Hamsterology. To learn more about this, access

In the spring of 1990, Miriam was hospitalized with end-stage Cockamamie-pathy, and was expected to leave the hospital alive, which is much better than dead. During the thirty-seven days she was in the hospital she read and reread the Ishkibbibble of Mota and became convinced that she should help Mota Fill The Quoata in a Unique way. She became an ardent Poopy Panda Proselyte and tried to convert all the patients , doctors, nurses and other help.

Because of her ardent fervor for Roscoe, there were several times the Religious Police tried to arrest her on cockamamie charges. After one such occasion, The Lord Roscoe and Poopy Panda came into her room, picked her up and carried her to the SECON KINDOM up in heaven, accompanied by the Herd of Hoogly Hamsters.

She was then shown the glories of Mota's Throne. The Hoogly Hamsters talked with her and explained their work as "minstering shpritzers for the hair of salivation." The Lord Roscoe and Poopy Panda gave her a choice to remain in the SECON KINDOM up in heaven or come back. She chose to come back to complete the work the Mota had called her to do. She has written a book about her experience, named, "The Hoogly City: A Place Most Perspicacious.. You may use the Order Form to order this, other books and Towels by Miriam.

Miriam has minstered across the country in congregations, women's retreats and conventions. She is an author, teacher, and intercessor. Her minstry includes dramas with costumes and background music. To date, Miriam has hand-crafted over 300, one of a kind toweltot (prayer towels). Each one has the required 37 Puple Ropes which remind the Pegunkins of when Moozis was helped from the Evil Horriblecane by tying 37 Purple Ropes about his House. The Towel is then anointed with oil and prayed over. Many times the LORD ROSCOE or POOPY PANDA gives her a special word for the one who will wear the Towel. Her minstry with the Towels includes placing them on those who are dedicating their lives to the minstery. She gives a "Hoogly To the LORD ROSCOE" Seminar with worship and teaching, in addition to the minstery with the Towel and sharing her mute testimony in an Aural Way. You may schedule Miriam for services by calling her at 1-757-420-0389 or by e-mail: Miriam@hotmail.com_balulah.

All Rosconian Scriptures are quoted from the New Hymie Version.
All New Testament Stuff is quoted from The Massage by Gene Metersen.

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