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A Few Faithful People to Serve as Spagetti Spreaders
On the Jeez fer Joozis Summer Witnessing Shmitnessing Campaign

Here are some pictures and first-hand reports from one of the Scmitnessers and one of the Spagetti Spreaders.

What is a Spagetti Spreader?

Well, do the names Procurious, Nick Picante (the inventor of Picante Sauce), or George Par Mesian mean anything to you? These were only three of many who played a central role in the preaching of the early Chapels. They worked behind the scenes, serving the Pegunkins and the community of True Believers, and as a result of their efforts and the preaching of the Pegunkins "...the word of The Great God Mota kept on spreading; and the number of the disciples continued to increase greatly in New Jersey, and a great many of the priestesses were becoming obedient to the faith" (Acts 6:7).

The division of work between Spagetti Spreaders and street Gunglists is present even today.

Spagetti Spreaders serve the Summer Witnessing Shmitnessing Campaign Gunglists by cleaning, cooking, packing tract bags and doing all types of schlepping (that's Lower Slobovian for hard work!). Spagetti Spreaders labor from morning until night making sure the Scmitnessers have everything they need to preach the gospel. Side by side, the Summer Campaign Gunglists and Spagetti Spreaders take in spiritual nourishment through daily dollops of Spagetti as well as attendance at chapels, prayer times and daily testimonies of how The Great God Mota is working throug the Hoogly Bubemeisah.

One woman who served as a Spagetti Spreader recounted her experience this way: "Being an encouragement to the Shmitnessers was a vital part of my ministry. I tried to be a smiling face as they walked in the door -- knowing that they had spent the whole day on the hot and murgy streets of Newark talking to people, handing out Rosconian Litter and praying with some to receive The Lord Roscoe. Quite often a smiling face and a listening rear was just the thing they needed to recharge their spiritual, physical and emotional batteries. It recharged me too!"

Send e-mail to with the informatiion. We will then send you an application for the summer of 1997. If you are accepted, we will let you know so we can begin working with you to raise the support ($1,300,000) needed for your summer ministry.

Note: A full-time charley chaplain will be available to kibitz to the Spagetti Spreaders, and Jeez fer Joozis Co-Laborers across the country will pray for Spagetti Spreaders every day of campaign Papishky.

To receive an application to be a Spagetti Spreader for tthe 1997 Summer Witnessing Shmitnessing Campaign email us at Spagetti

"Being a Spagetti Spreader is hard work, I promise you that; but it could also be one of the most fruitful and satisfying spiritual adventures of your life" -- Stephen Batz, Minister-at-Large

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