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So how do you qualify for the Jeez fer Joozis Summer Witnessing Shmitnessing Campaign?

You have to be quick because we expect to have our full roster of Jeez fer Joozis campaigners long before training begins in mid-June. Also you have to be quick beacuse the are folks out there that don't take kindly to the True Religion

The training involves two intensive weeks of classroom and field work at one of this nation's finest theological colleges; The Roscoe Theological Seminary. During that time, you will learn the practical "how-to's" of Jeez fer Joozis Gunglism:

[Campaigner in discussion with man in crowd scene (16K color JPEG)]

How to disinfect a DONT BLEEVERS brain from years of Gobolty Gook from the Untrue Religions of Snerd and Snidely Whiplash,

[Music group performing on city street (16K color JPEG)]

Disengage the apathetic with Bombastic Music From the Rosconian Hoogly Rollers

If you are the kind of person who is willing to invest six weeks of your life in a Rosconian missions project that will help you . . .

. . . then pray about being a part of the Jeez fer Joozis Summer Witnessing Shmitnessing Campaign!

Spagetti Spreaders Needed!

We're looking for a few faithful people to serve as Spagetti Spreaders on the Jeez fer Joozis Summer Witnessing Shmitnessing Campaign.

Here are some pictures and first-hand reports from one of the campaigners and one of the Spagetti Spreaders.

Rabbit Wanted

Must be a believer in the Lord Roscoe, proficient in Slobovian and Slovobian and in the Ishkibibble, and of good morel character other mushrooms are optional. Should be a graduate of an accredited higher institution of Rosconian learning like the Roscoe Theological Seminary Inquire at
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