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I Converted to Rosconianism

By Prissy Hussy

Prissy supervising the Borscht
Well, first & foremost, my faith in God & relationship with the Lord is the most important thing to me. My Duties are a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe keep me centered on the True Truth of the True Tooth

It is through His awesome love & snoogles that I have become the woman that I am today. My faith is perfectly compatible with marriage.

    Hey :)
  1. I'm a cheerful, fun-loving girl who loves God Zooks with all of her heart.
  2. I want to meet someone who's first priority in life is God.
  3. I enjoy being active, skating, roller blading, reading, cohabitation.
  4. I love to sing, be around children, and chill with my friends.
  5. I am generally outgoing and I'm just pursuing God Zooks' leading in my life right

My Back Story

My New home in Midwest City OK
How did I get to Midwest City? I grew up as a military kid in Arkansas at Little Rock AFB. Around 17 years old MY Parents and their social friends decided to switch partners. This of course was very uncomfortable, and on top of that my stepmom did not want to pay for my schooling after HS, however it was OK to pay for my brother's college expenses. So I decided to live with my mom and stepdad in Midwest City in Oklahoma. My Stepdad was nearing retirement. After I arrived I availed myself of base activities and social clubs like the Tinker Players, who put on plays several times a year.

I did go out with a few officers in that club particularly Captain Henderson and Lieutenant Smythe. It was through Lieutenant Smythe that I met Moishe Hablivilah. He came to a party in the apartment building and we immediately connected.

All my other boyfriends dissapeared

Young Moishe Hablivilah
Moishe was a young tall dark and handsome young man, also a Lieutenant. We went out the next weekend , this was so shocking to Lieutenant Smythe that he wrapped his brand new Porsche around a telephone pole after a drunken night of carousing with Tripple Ace Colonel Robin Olds. Mean while Captain Henderson retired and left for California where he joined a cult.

According to Moishe , who was Jewish, Captain Henderson had been proselytizing him to become a "completed Jew, that is to become a believer in Jesus . Well I was a Born Again Prissy Hussy so that would have been OK with me. We were taught to "Live by Faith" which my mother always taught me. Things were no so great at home, however, as my stepdad turned out to be an alcoholic and my mother joined Al Anon to cope with it .

Then Prophet Geraldo arrived on a Motorcycle

Prophet Geraldo
A Scraggly Man drove up to Moishe's Appartment building in Del City on a big Red Motorcycle. He quickly put on his Kippah and rushed into the Moishe's Aparment where we were sitting discussing Moishe's conversion to Christianity. Prophet Geraldo was on a religious proselytization quest, and Moishe was on his List.

Then he said, "You're making a big mistake! That religion is full of Gobolty Gook!" He told us how he found the Lord Roscoe and converted to the religion of the LORD ROSCOE and the GREAT GOD MOTA. I was mildly upset because that meant Moishe would not convert to Christianity and become "Born Again" .

Then Prophet Geraldo grabbed that ancient 8 millimeter projector which Moishe had inherited from his grandfather and Showed us "Bricks The Roscoe Movie". I discovered that Moishe had been secretly thinking about the Rosconian Relgion and was now ready to spread the righteous Bubemiesah to the masses.

My Conversion and our Wedding

Young Moishe Hablivilah
I asked Moishe whether the Rosconians were a cult and he said, "of Course not ", a cult says to hate your family and Rosconian love their families and their connubial mistresses, which I had become. This convinced me, right down to the Bippy .

After Moishe left the military he felt obligated to proselytize and spent a year travelling around the world converting people and establishing the corps of Rosconian Priestesses to performe the Boilign Borscht Ceremony. This was the way to Liquify your Sins. No need for useless prayers or genuflecting, your Sins were simply liquidated .

After his Missiona Moishe came back and asked me to marry him in California, the Promised land. In the Little Shtetl of Milpitas the Little Lord Joozis had been performing Miracles of Auto Body Painting and telling Jokes so the Masses had given him a standing ovulation.

We were Married in Saint Shmegaggy's Chathedral an imposing building comandeered from a tilt up office building after a company had gone bankrupt

Roscoe Theogogical College

Young Moishe Hablivilah

With Moishe's help, I founded Roscoe Theogogical College in the basement of Saint Shmegaggy . The we taught the Accolyte Priestesses the basics of Sin reduction and Borscht making, This craft had been handed down throught ages and passed from generation to geneartion , originating in the Little Shtetl of Vaystickvus in Slobovnia

Later we visited the Little Shtetl of Vaystickvus and the shrine of Our Mother of Medigungle, but more about that later

PRissy Hussy is now serving the Little Lord Joozis and Roscoe as the Chief Hoogly Priestess in charge of Hoogly Priestess education at Roscoe Theogogical College , She is also Liquidating Sins through the Boiling Borscht Ceremoney held after services.

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