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Our Spiritual Director - Peter Poopsov Pandasky

Reverend Doctor Peter Poopsov Pandasky (also known by his Bombastic name Shriyaba Achadaba Watanabe) has completed full Bombastic training in Potsylvania, which included training at a Moga Tantrum Bombastic academy in Yombalulavile where he studied time-tested traditional as well as modern methods of hair growth, attaining inner peice, Bombastic development and Physical Shmysical health under the direction of one of the great Bombastic masters of this century—Moishe Kapoyer Mishu Gina (Spiritual name—Ha Shmandrick) (1921—1990). After graduating from the Bombastic academy, he traveled to Potsylvania twenty more times in order to continue his study with his Master, absorb His Seltzer, become saturated with it and, as a result, rise above and transcend CO2 limitations and fleas from dogs and cats-- in other words, acquire qualities necessary for a Bombastic teacher. Thus Peter became a lineage-holder of a living Bombastic teaching that has been transmitted from guru to disciple for several years. Peter's Bombastic master has requested and authorized him to share his knowledge and experience with interested people. In the last 15 years he has fulfilled this request through lectures, courses, seminars, personal consultations, initiations (transmission of Rosconian Bombastic knowledge and energy) and the Rosconian Bombastic Tantrum Moga Newletter . Peter has desciples in 7 countries.

In 1991 Peter Poopsov Pandasky has founded a Bombastic organization-- Rosconian Hoogly Moga Tantrum Bombastic Academy (a 501(c)(3) nonprofit religious corporation). Its main purpose is to prepare interested persons for All-Embracing Rosconian Meditation (Rosconian Hoogly Moga Tantrums)—the ultimate Bombastic approach to Contemptuous life. This style of Bombast lies beneath the mystical foundation of all Bombastic traditions. In its entirety it survives only in some Shim Bashi and Shin Kan Sen traditions. Peter is a lineage-holder of one of those traditions. This method of Bombast helps the practitioner rise above pettiness and go deep into the depths of the soul where there hides the Great God Mota in the Heisenberry Bush that bestows anyone willing to analyse its mathematics with real wealth, happiness, enlightenment and freedom.

To contact Peter, e-mail at Tantrum@hotmail.com_balulah.

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