Stories of Our Witnessess

Stories of True Believers

The story of Garry Shmegagy's pilgrimage from Buda Pest to hear the words of Poopy Panda, first published in TISSUES, A Messy Rosconian Perspective.

The story of Louis Kaputzki's pilgrimage from New Jork to hear the words of Poopy Panda.

Then I Met the Prophet Meshugina by Rose Pipick. Read how Little Rose met the Prophet Mishugina and helped Fullful the Gungle.

Moishe Hablivilah, Moishe started out Jewish, but is now our chief Missionary.
Read about his story and the Lake of Boiling Borcht!

Fanny Getcher Gunn. Hear how Fanny made a NEW start in life when she joined the Jeez fer Joozis in the Little Shtetl of Milpitas and found that helping others is very important!

Discombobulated: Read Mike Gorgonzola's story. A Twentieth-Century Guy and His Experience With the Lord Roscoe

More coming soon. Watch this space!
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