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The Fables of the Old Man and his Hamster

I.The Fable of the Old Man and his Hamster

( A fable written by Rabbi Hi Mudka ben Roscoe)

Once upon a time there was an Old Man and his Hamster. The Old man was exceedingly rightious and wore the thirty seven (37) purple ropes around his neck. And they were blessed by and in the sight of the Lord Roscoe. And the Moral of the story is verily verily verily all those that believeth in the Lord Roscoe shall in no wise be cast out.

II. The Fable of the Boings and stuff

( A fable of Mustapha Gortch)

And Mustapha Gortch did godown into the Wilderness of Boink and was amazed to see the McBoingBoings worshiping false gods.

He was sore angry at the McBoingBoings doing such a dastardly thing. So Mustapha Gortch sat on a toadstool and thought many thoughts. One of which was that the glory of the Great God Mota and the Joy of those that worshipped Him.

He therefore whent down amoung the McBoingBoings and spake saying, " For Ye gots to change Yourn EVIL ways and take up the way of the Great Truth."

And then all of the Hamsters of the McBoingBoings did heed the call of Gortch and did rampage down down to the Temple of Mota carrying all that ther was before them for special cleansing in Hoogly detergent of their sins.

And the McBoingBoings were cleansed of their sins and they knelt in supplication to Mota and did change their ways to the true paths of leftiousness and rightiousness in the crosswalk of the eight corners of True Faith in Mota and cleaved not unto their False gods any more.

III. The fable of the Wise Hamster

( a fable of a true convert)

In the land of white culpeppers live an Old Man and His Hamster. On the Old man's 80th birthday the Hamster threw a big party for him. The Old Man's name was Gooseppi and the Hamster was an incantation of the incarnation of Mota's True Hamster..Roscoe. (Blessed be He)

Now Gooseppi was a rightious man and worshipped the Great God Mota 37 times a day and wore the required 37 purple ropes, but the Hamster was an incantation of the incarnation of Roscoe and was therefore even more rightious than the Old Man. Now all the guests at the party were Party Members and did not believe in the Great God Mota and Poopy Panda, for they sneered at the Rosconian Tracts that the Hamster passed out amounst them. Then the Hamster who was an incantation of the incarnation of Roscoe did say "Squeek Squeek" and all the Party mambers were turned into Barf.

Moral - Communism is a lot of Barf.

IV. The Fable of the Wise Green Madrigal.

( A Fable of Klapderwickioups)

In the land of Huge Pumpernickel Green Puffs, Yay, enven there, there lived an Old Man and his Hamster. {Now this Old Man was a Baker of Pumpernickel]

(These Fable have a lot of Hamsters in them and this one is not much different).

This Hamster was a big Wheel as Hamsters go and knew a Madrigal named Popovits. Now the Baker (or Barney, as he was called) was an exceedingly up-rightious man, but he Madrigal was a pious believer in the works of Peddiddle the Prophet and of Mishkin, Mishigas, Mishugina, and Poopy Panda as well as other stuff, floating arround.

One day the Madrigal was Un-happy and the Baker and the Wiseamster did pray unto Mota and saved the Madrigal from his Un-happyness. Even today we don't like the sight of an Un-Happy Madrigal or an Un-happy Hamster.

Moral - Keep your Hamster Happy.

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