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I saw Young Moishe Hablivilah Preaching

By Sonya Barfarotsky

Sonya making the Borscht
Well, first & foremost, my faith in God & relationship with the Lord is the most important thing to me. My Duties are a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe keep me centered on the True Truth of the True Tooth

It is through His awesome love & snoogles that I have become the woman that I am today. My faith is perfectly compatible with sexual relations,

    Hey :)
  1. I'm a cheerful, fun-loving girl who loves God Zooks with all of her heart.
  2. I want to meet someone who's first priority in life is God.
  3. I enjoy being active, skating, roller blading, reading, cohabitation.
  4. I love to sing, be around children, and chill with my friends.
  5. I am generally outgoing and I'm just pursuing God Zooks' leading in my life right,

At the Hoogly Temple of Mota

At the Great Temple of Mota
My name is Sony Barfarotsky, and I never thought my life would take me on a religious quest that would lead me across continents and back to my roots. It all began one rainy evening in my small apartment in the bustling city of New York. I was feeling lost, disconnected from my inner faith and my bippy, and yearning for a deeper spiritual experience. Little did I know that this longing would take me on a transformative journey.

After much contemplation and research, I decided to embark on a pilgrimage to Shmindia , a land known for its shpiritual richness and ancient traditions. With a backpack filled with essentials and an open heart, I set off on a life-altering adventure.

Arriving in Shmindia, I immersed myself in the vibrant culture, exploring bustling markets, sacred temples,, and meeting wise Women along the way. As I traveled through the enchanting landscapes, my soul began to stir, and I could feel a sense of peace slowly enveloping me.

One day, while wandering through the narrow, winding streets of Schmegagi , the holy city on the banks of the Schmegagi River , I stumbled upon a magnificent temple which turned out to be the Temple of the Great God Mota, who made the Universe with his Big Bang Machine . Its grandeur and aura were undeniable, drawing me closer with each step. As I entered the sacred space, a feeling of reverence washed over me. It was here that I found solace and a renewed connection to the divine.

Making the Borscht
Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months as I explored various spiritual practices, seeking enlightenment and a deeper understanding of my purpose. But as my time in India drew to a close, a strong inner calling beckoned me back to my ancestral homeland — Slobovnia and the little shtetl of Vastickvus.

Vastickvus was a small, tight-knit Shmoosih community holding fast to its Shmooish traditions nestled deep in the heart of Eastern Europe. It was a place steeped in tradition and folklore, with stories passed down from generation to generation. I yearned to reconnect with my heritage, to find answers and a sense of belonging.

With Moishe Hablivilah in Vaystickvus
However, my journey was far from over. A serendipitous encounter, with a young tall dark and handsome young man named Moishe Hablivilah turned my world on its noggin. His eyes sparkled with wisdom and merth, and he was holding The Hoogly Ishkibbibble with the Lord Roscoe on it as well as a backpack filled with Hoogly Flyers and other Rosconian Religious artifacts.

His sincere zeal and silly demeanor impressed me and I immediately offered to sleep with him. But he said no, I am sealed to Prissy Hussy as my Intended.

He detected my interest in his Rosconian Propaganda and immediately told me not to worry. If I could Believe upong the Lord Roscoe as my Personal Savior God then I would in no Wise be Cast out ! He told me of the Miracles of Auto Body Painting being done by a person called "the little Lord Joozis " in a place in California called Milpitas, a mysterias land of Tilups and artificial lakes .

With the Little Lord Joozis
This encounter led me to the little shtetl of Milpitas in California, where I encountered the "Little Lord Joozis." Despite his unassuming appearance, he possessed an uncanny ability to perform miracles of autobody painting. Intrigued by his unique talent, I spent days observing and conversing with the Little Lord Joozis. Through our interactions, I realized that his work was not merely about restoring damaged vehicles but symbolized the power of transformation and redemption. In his humble workshop, in a shed behind a tiltup, I witnessed the miracles of rebirth and renewal as battered cars and motorcycles were transformed into shining works of art. The Little Lord Joozis, with his gentle demeanor and profound wisdom, taught me that every individual possesses the power to make miracles happen, to bring beauty and meaning to the world.

His sincere zeal and silly demeanor impressed me and I immediately offered to sleep with him. But he said no, I am sealed to Alicia as my Intended. What you need to do is Study the Hoogly Flyers and read the Hoogly Ishkibbbible and attend a High Hoogly Mess and become a Hooly Chaste [ with some exceptions] Priestess of the Lord Roscoe !

It was as if he had opened the secrets of the universe within my soul. Moishe told me me that the Lord Roscoe, the Personal Savior god was brought to us by the Great God Mota, who made the Universe whith his Big Bang Machine. I felt an irresistible pull to explore the path he spoke of the path of the Lord Roscoe, the Hamster of the great God Mota. So After High School I enrolled at Roscoe Theogogical College of Hamsters and Pegunkinism . I graduated with High honors and took an intenrship with Half Pastor Boris Bullwinkle at Saint Shmegaggys cathedral

Sonya is now serving the Little Lord Joozis and Roscoe as a Hoogly Priestess who is Chaste [ most of the time ] , She is Liquidating Sins through the Boiling Borscht Ceremoney held after services.

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