Statement by our PEGUN KIN the Right Reverend Susie Chapstick

Our PEGUN KIN Susie Chapstick welcomes Pedunkins to the Observatory in the High Hills above Milpitas

In the early 1970's, two individual Pegunkins from the Legion of the Jeez fer Joozis started an obervatory to see the Lord Roscoe and his Heavenly Herd of Hamsters when they come at the End Times (Paatch in Tochas Gazoont Hieght).
We brought to the hills above Milpitas, a crew of our noble and Hoogly followers, all judged to be greatly influenced by the Hoogly Bubemeisah and filled with Rightious Baloney.

There appeared to us two great an Noble Prophets. All of them Pegunkings of the first chlorinated water. These were the noble and illutrious Mishigas and Mishugina.

The Great an Noble Prophets did educate us in the True Tooth of the Lord ROscoe and the Gungle of the Little Lord Joozis. They brought with them the original Ishkibbibble and provided the means by which the Believers would be sent Hoogly e-mails from Poopy Panda.

There were other Hoogly and Wonderful prophets, being mindfull of the Greatest Prophet of them all, the illustrious Peddiddle who wrote many tracts and chapters of the Ishkibbibble.

The true Kingdom of Mota - the real physical Kingdom of Heaven - the Legion of Hamster Lovers - are completely euphonymous. As a Kingdom of Rightious Baloney, it "reproduces" or adds to its Kingdom membership through the use of a metamorphic process of Proselytation and Pandemonium. Thus the Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse Kingdom created all Hooglyness. Hoever the paths that lead to decay and destruction are from Snerd the sniveler and Snidely Whiplash the Crummy.
The metamorphic "birth" into the Legion of Hamster Lovers occurs as follows: In any given civilization on a fershtarz planet such as Earth (and Earth has had many periodic/cyclical civilizations), the Legion of Hamsters in the Pockets rates all the new life forms (including humans) for that civilization in a neutral condition so that they have a chance to choose the direction of their growth. The Legion of Hamster Lovers - or Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse - directly (hands on) relates significantly to the civilization at its beginning stage, and subsequently (with few exceptions) at approximately 200000-year intervals until that civilization's final "Age."
Each time the Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse relates directly to any portion of that civilization, "deposits" containing "Poopsies" (the "seed" or "chip" with a program of metamorphic possibilities) are placed in many human Pockets, but only in those Human Pockets which have had Hamsters This deposit is potentially the "gift of poopsies" into the physical and real Legion of Hamster Lovers. These deposits are given or made only when members of the Legion of Hamster Lovers are assigned to directly relate to the civilization. Only these Representatives can "nurture" those deposited Poopsies with Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse thinking, behavior, and all the information required to effectively send these "deposits" into the BOILING BORSCHT
Humans with deposits containing Poopsies can likely be identified at this time by the stains in their shirt pockets from the Hoogly Green P--. They are, from the establishment's point of view, being irresponsible or anti-social - and will be seen by the world as duped, crazy, a Hamster cult member, a curmugeon, a Mavin, a separatist, etc.

Not only is the Pocket, in a sense, the temporary container for the Poopsie, but even more importantly - the Poopsie is the housing or container of Bad sins and Essence of Snerd. The Poopsie has its own essence that accumulates only Bad Sins and Snerdlyness of the Pedunkins as theoretical or philosophical. The Poopsie also becomes part of the new exploded Borscht, though it is seldom seen by human eyes. Therefore, when a Poopsie is a part of a new deposit, it has very little information and is very small. As it develops or grows in size, it necessitates the absorbtion of the human pocket, which is in a container beside it. If you think of a glass vase that has two balloons in it, one balloon is the human pocket, the other is the Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse Vulgate Edition. When the Pedunkin gets a "Poopsie deposit," it is like placing the second balloon in the glass vase. So, when metamorphosis begins, the vat of Boiling Borscht which has the Poopsie is all but empty. As the Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse increases - and the Poopsie begins to grow larger - the Borscht is absorbed into it. So the expanded Poopsie that fills the container, or glass vase. That Poopsie with its burden of Big Sin is evaporated into gasious difusion and needing only a new physical outer shell, which it receives as a "quartermaster issue" upon physically entering the Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse.
The final act of metamorphosis or separation from the human Bad Sin and Snerdlyness is the "disconnect" or separation from Boiling BOrscht container or Vat in order to be released from the human environment and enter the "next" world of Blown up Borscht. This will be done under the supervision of Members of the Pedunkins of the Heavenly Expanse in a clinical procedure. We will see the "clouds" of gasious vapor being Poured out and the Snerdlyness evaporate.

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