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I Helped Young Moishe Hablivilah Spread the Righteous Bubemeisah

By Danielle Dowop

Dnielle Serving the Borscht
Well, first & foremost, my faith in God & relationship with the Lord is the most important thing to me. My Duties are a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe keep me centered on the True Truth of the True Tooth

It is through His awesome love & snoogles that I have become the woman that I am today. My faith is perfectly compatible with sexual relations,

    Hey :)
  1. I'm a cheerful, fun-loving girl who loves God Zooks with all of her heart.
  2. I want to meet someone who's first priority in life is God.
  3. I enjoy being active, skating, roller blading, reading, cohabitation.
  4. I love to sing, be around children, and chill with my friends.
  5. I am generally outgoing and I'm just pursuing God Zooks' leading in my life right to the right man's bed,

My Story

Daniell with the Old Priest
Born and raised in Painfield NJ , I was rased a Catholic and was thinking of becomming a Nun all my life. My father & mother Bob and Betty Dowop raised me in the Church. I went to Catholic school and leard the Catechism which I found was was full of the Dogma of the church.

Audience with the Pope

Daniell with the Pope
After taking Nunery classes I became a Nun and even had an audience with the Pope. Soon after graduation I was assigned to teach at the local Catholic HS in Plainfield NJ. I was barely older than the students.

I meet Moishe Hablivilah

Young Moishe Hablivilah
While in Plainfield I happened to visit the main library which was located right next to the High School. There was a roving Fire and Brimstone Preacher regaling the students with dire warnings of Doom and Fire if they didn't believe his Religion. I was interested and drew nearer, smug in the fact that I had just gone to confession and was completely clear of any sins, but was I?

Amongst the gathering crowd, a young tall dark and handsome young man named Moishe Hablivilah stood before me. His eyes sparkled with wisdom and merth, and he was holding The Hoogly Ishkibbibble with the Lord Roscoe on it as well as a backpack filled with Hoogly Flyers and other Rosconian Religious artifacts.

He saw me and detected my emotional duress and immediately told me not to worry and that If I could Believe upong the Lord Roscoe as my Personal Savior God then I would in no Wise be Cast out !

My Instant Conversion

Me Holding the Lord Roscoe

His sincere zeal and silly demeanor impressed me and I could not help but laugh out loud, and I immediately offered to sleep with him. But he said no, I am sealed to Prissy Hussy as my Intended. I want you to Hold this cute Hamster and admire his punim and snuggly whiskers. When the Shpritzer of Hoogliness enters your Bippy, you will want to become a Pegunkin, a True Bleever upon the Lord Roscoe and the other Gods, and perhaps you will even become a Priestesses of the Lord Roscoe

It was as if he had opened the secrets of the universe within my soul. Moishe told me me that the Lord Roscoe, the Personal Savior Type God was brought to us by the Great God Mota, who made the Universe whith his Big Bang Machine. I felt an irresistible pull to explore the path he spoke of�the path of the Lord Roscoe, the Hamster of the great God Mota. So right then and there I stopped being a Nun and enrolled at Roscoe Theogogical College of Hamsters and Pegunkinism . I graduated with High honors and took an intenrship with Half Pastor Boris Bullwinkle at Saint Shmegaggys cathedral

Danielle is now serving the Little Lord Joozis and Roscoe as a Hoogly Priestess who is Chaste [ most of the time ] , She is Liquidating Sins through the Boiling Borscht Ceremoney held after services.

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