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I saw Young Moishe Hablivilah Preaching

By Reible Dibash

Reible Dibash with Roscoe
Well, first & foremost, my faith in God & relationship with the Lord is the most important thing to me. My Duties are a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe keep me centered on the True Truth of the True Tooth

It is through His awesome love & snoogles that I have become the woman that I am today. My faith is perfectly compatible with sexual relations,

    Hey :)
  1. I'm a cheerful, fun-loving girl who loves God Zooks with all of her heart.
  2. I want to meet someone who's first priority in life is God.
  3. I enjoy being active, skating, roller blading, reading, cohabitation.
  4. I love to sing, be around children, and chill with my friends.
  5. I am generally outgoing and I'm just pursuing God Zooks' leading in my life right to the right man's bed,

My Story

In front of the State Capitol
You can say I'm a Sacramento Gal. Grew up and still live in the area. My parents Sal and Maria Dibash raised me as a Catholic, but I noticed some peculiarities compared to my other Catholic friends. For example all the other kid's families served Spam, but mine didn't . My grandmother's explanation that a Spam is: 'un animal muy mugroso'...'y no era bueno para comer' (Spams are dirty animals....and spam is not good to eat). I discovered that these family traditions were from the fact that some of my ancestors were originally Shmooish and had to convert because of anti Shmooish edicts in the 1492 in Spain and 1497 in Portugal.

Also my great granfather on my father's side belonged to a secret society called the " Vaystickvusser Chevra " > I began to wonder about where in the world was this Vaystickvuser place. He also instituted a ceremony that was very strange, Throwing the poopsies into the Boiling Borscht. I could never figure what was that all about.

In the Little Shtetl of Vaystickvus

Reible Dibash in Vaystickvus
After some research if figured out that this "Vaystickvuser place" was indeed the rundown remnant of a Shmooish Shtetl called Vaystickvus, just down the rover from the much storied Chelm in the country of Slobovnia, a center of Shmooish learning and the birthplace of the Shmooish People. Vaysitckvus was a center of the manufacturing of Borscht.

so Vaystickvuss was where our family traditions originated, I could consider myself a true scion of Shmoodelism! But what to do next? I need to do even more research. This research took me on a long trek --- to Milpitas of all places.

Back to California at the Little Shtetl of Milpitas

Joozis doing his Miracles of Auto Body Painting
In Milpitas I kept hearing about the Miracles of Autobody painting being wrought by a mysterious figure called "The Little Lord Joozis" . I seached for this guy and finally found him the back parking lot of a Silicon Valley Tiltup . There was a crowd of acolytes, and observers. In the back I could see the threatening Hurley Benchmen each with a scowl and each holding a large Morel. How strange. Amongst the gathering crowd, a cute young woman from Moldova was watching intently, she came up to me, sensing my quest. She was holding The Hoogly Ishkibbibble with the Lord Roscoe on it as well as a backpack filled with Hoogly Flyers and other Rosconian Religious artifacts.

It turned out that this was Alicia, the intended of Joozis and a Priestess of the Lord Roscoe. She explained to be how the ancient customs of the Borscht were instituted by Prophet Moozis in the Wilderness so What you need to do is Study the Hoogly Flyers and read the Hoogly Ishkibbbible and attend a High Hoogly Mess and become a Hooly Chaste [ with some exceptions] Priestess of the Lord Roscoe !

It was as if he had opened the secrets of the universe within my soul. Alica told me me that the Lord Roscoe, the Personal Savior god was brought to us by the Great God Mota, who made the Universe whith his Big Bang Machine. I felt an irresistible pull to explore the path he spoke of the path of the Lord Roscoe, the Hamster of the great God Mota. So After High School I enrolled at Roscoe Theogogical College of Hamsters and Pegunkinism . I graduated with High honors and took an intenrship with Half Pastor Boris Bullwinkle at Saint Shmegaggys cathedral

Reible is now serving the Little Lord Joozis and Roscoe as a Hoogly Priestess who is Chaste [ most of the time ] , She is Liquidating Sins through the Boiling Borscht Ceremoney held after services.

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